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Born out of passion and sustained by love, Mishmashi prides itself on minimalistic and contemporary design. With the added poetry that is Mishmashism, we promise that every piece we make is as unique as the person it goes home with.
The word Mishmashi is transliterated with a universal meaning of ‘a collection or mixture of unrelated things’, while in Arabic the word means ‘mismatched’, which we think is absolutely wonderful!
Mishmashism [mish-mahsh-ee-iz-uh-m]; “the practice and philosophy of understanding and accepting that “What YOU Love Is Beautiful”.


Maya Toron Al Omary is a third culture Syrian, born in New York to two professional artists. She was raised between the US and France and after completing her studies in Paris, she moved back to the States then to Morocco, eventually settling in Dubai where she has lived for the past 15 years with her husband and 4 children.
After being caught up in the rat race which included her setting up a Real estate company in Dubai, Maya finally decided to follow her lifelong passion by introducing her personal creations and vision to the world through Mishmashi.
Everything Mishmashi represents is influenced by her personal cross-culture experiences. All her designs and collaborations are a result of this ongoing drive to cross cultures and share beauty, as she feels it, in its many forms.
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